Love and Compassion for those doing harm

Yesterday I was asked, “How do you feel love and compassion for those doing harm?” I thought my response might be interesting for others to contemplate, so decided to share it.

As a healer and acupuncturist, I am aware that everyone has different aspects of themselves.  There is the physical body, the emotions, the mind, and the spirit.  People often ask what the spirit is.  It is the lifeforce in everything that leaves when you die.  This lifeforce has two parts.  One part incarnates with you and the other “The Higher Self” is your spiritual resource, and you can learn to connect with it.

The mind and emotions are linked to the body.  In spirit, there are no emotions only a sense of spiritual love.  When somebody expresses difficult emotions or has dark or destructive thoughts, I don’t think that they are a “bad person” instead I see them as a spiritual soul on a difficult journey.

The spirit or soul is always perfect.  Sometimes when that spirit or soul comes into incarnation, things go wrong.  Maybe they suffered abuse as a child, maybe life experiences have hardened them.  Maybe their beliefs were ingrained by their parents.  Maybe they had been involved in an accident or something shocking and their spiritual energy was partially displaced allowing other energies to come into their physical body.  Maybe they were raped and they carry the deep anger of their attackers as well as their own anger at the violation.  The list is endless and we can only process our own emotions, not the emotions we hold for others.

Once we start to fully understand the depth of human experience and that we are all on a journey to become loving and compassionate beings, our way of looking at others changes.

Perhaps today, you could practice looking without judging and finding ways to be more loving and compassionate towards others.

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