Our 2021 Foal “Mukaaya” also known as “Little Moo”

Our other passion in life is our horses. We have 4 beautiful Thoroughbreds and a very lovely Cob x Irish Draft. As a sensitive intuitive, Jo has always been able to communicate with horses easily both in person and through energetic contact. Although she doesn’t work as a “Horse Whisperer” or “Animal Communicator” a big part of healing is tuning in to the horses to see what they need and what they have to say.

Jo’s background in horses started when she was 11 years old when she was lucky enough to discover the local riding school by following the hoofprints of horses along the beach. She spent every weekend there, starting at 5.30 am so she was there for morning feeds. This led to working as a groom with Polo Ponies, Showjumpers, Hunters, and Dressage horses in her teens and early 20’s. After that, she ran her own pony stud and took horses in for breaking and schooling. A lifetime of horses followed, until a break due to ill health for 15 years. She qualified through the BHS system to BHS Stage 3 and did some Stage 4 riding training. She also learned Natural Horsemanship from several trainers. Glad to be back among them again, she is a knowledgeable and capable owner rider.

Peter is a successful Thoroughbred horse breeder and has had a passion for genetics and thoroughbred pedigrees for over 30 years. In 2016 he set up Designer Pedigrees and advises thoroughbred mating plans for clients around the world. He is really enjoying the practical experience of working with horses and has a really strong spiritual connection with them.

Working with horses is an honor and privilege and we also like to work with the owner as many horses carry and reflect the emotional charge of their owner. So many horses are also kept in unnatural conditions, so regular healing can help reduce their stress levels and enhance performance. It is also very useful when taking on a new, shutdown or reactive horse.

Prices for Healing Horses

We charge £75 for the initial consultation and £60 per session thereafter.

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