Healing & Communicating with Horses

For me, Healing and Communicating with horses are different disciplines but intertwined, because of the way we work.  I have always been very intuitive and had a natural ability to understand and communicate with animals.  As I trained as a healer and started working at higher levels, these abilities became sharper and more reliable.

In healing, we work by setting up protection, then calling in the horses’ energy so that we can assess it and communicate with the horse.  Horses think in pictures, so often the communication comes as pictures and sometimes as feelings and words.  It is best if we have permission to access the owners’ energy at the same time as some horses mirror their owners’ energy.  That way we can help to resolve relationship problems as well as physical problems.

To enable me to do this, I need to raise my energy to a finer vibration than we use in everyday life, so I only do so when I work with Peter.  That way he can protect my energy in a very proactive way.

Horses generally love to receive healing and can recognise me by my energy after I have sent them healing, even if it was remotely!  They are such beautiful, wise spiritual creatures, we love helping them!

Jo x

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