Belief in Healing

Hello Jo and Peter

Sorry if this is a rude question (not intended) but could you advise me please whether it is necessary for someone to believe in spiritual healing in order for it to work for them? Or is it enough for them to just try to be open-minded about it? Many thanks. Sue

Hi Sue,

Thank you for your question.  

Lots of people try healing when they have no belief that it works and are very pleasantly surprised.  Healing works for animals too.  Often when people come for healing, their energetic system is clogged up with all sorts of debris and their connection to their Spiritual Self or Higher Self is quite weak.  Often they feel rudderless like they are drifting through life, or alternatively, they are so focused on work that they can’t relax.  

Healing helps people to become more authentic, more inspired, and more honest with themselves and others. Ultimately it opens the heart and allows compassion for all life to flow through.  All judgment, strife, and feelings of discontent come from stuck energy blocking the energetic systems.  People use healing because it works, not because they believe or hope that it will, and for those of us on a path of self-improvement and spiritual awareness it allows us to be guided by our own Higher Self, which makes us calm and confident in our choices and more loving to those around us.

Kind regards, Jo and Peter

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