Distance Healing

Powerful, Professional Distance Healing
Peter Ebdon and Jo Radley

We set up Quantum Energy Healing, during the first Lockdown when we started doing distance healing together. We wanted to offer healing to as many people as possible as so many are struggling. We work best as a team, bringing quality training and a diverse set of skills to our work.

Some people have asked us if “Distance” Healing is effective. Studies with humans receiving healing in a hospital setting have shown that Distance Healing is even more effective than healing given when the healer and healee are in the same room!

Do you have a question about healing? If so write to us via email or our contact page and I will do my best to answer your questions through the blog page.

Peter Ebdon was a professional sportsman for 30 years and brings unrivaled focus and mental strength to his healing.

Jo Radley is a very experienced clinical acupuncturist/healer with excellent intuitive skills and over twenty years of experience working with clients.

We work with people from all over the world. We hope you will enjoy looking through our website and look forward to helping you.

Best wishes, Peter and Jo.

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